Proformance Manufacturing, Inc offers extensive custom deep draw stamping capability with precision manufacturing on mechanical and hydraulic presses double action up to 200 ton. 


  • Deep Draw Stamping manufacturing presses range from 2 tons through 200 tons
  • Maximum Deep Draw Stamping Capacity of 6" depth
  • Maximum Deep Draw Stamping Bed Size 5' x 5'
  • 24 Mechanical and Hydraulic Press, deep draw, high production capability
  • Extensive Range of Capability and capacity

deep draw stamping manufacturer parts aluminum, stainless steel, brass, glass sealing alloys


PMI specializes in unique custom precision Deep Draw Stamping operations involving secondary operations and further specializes in working with glass sealing alloys.
A full progressive die environment, blanking, forming, and coining we have the in-house capability to handle your custom production stamping requirements.

Looking for Precision Metal Stampings or CNC Machining ? We can help you with those machining specifications

Progressive draw dies as well as compound draw dies are designed, developed and produced on-site by tool and die makers with over 70 years of experience in drawn designs and applications. 
Material thickness for deep draw stamping applications range from .005" to .500" in most materials.


Extensive Custom Deep Draw stamping component experience is offered in

  • aluminum deep draw stampings
  • stainless steel deep draw stampings
  • glass sealing alloys stamping
  • Kovar deep drawn stampings
  • Iron Nickel, 42 Nickel Alloy deep drawn stampings 
  • Cobalt deep draw stampings
  • Brass deep draw stampings
  • OFHC Copper, Cupronickel, Monel & Molybdenum as well as all standard materials. 


PMI is owned & operated by principals with over 50 successful years of hands-on experience in Engineering & Development, Tool & Die, Deep Draw, Metal Stamping, Press Forming & Machining. Our modern facility is designed & constructed for the purpose of precision metal forming & machining. Secondary operations are available to complete your requirements as well as approved sources for finishing-whether it be painting, polishing or plating. Attention to quality, cost & on-time delivery are ultimate goals with projects placed with us.

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